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Founded by the inventor of the modern pneumatic inflatable tyre in 1888, Dunlop is a leading British maker with strong racing connections.
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Dunlop Qualifier II
Successor to the Qualifier, the Qualifier II offers true race track-level grip and performance. Rear tire compound blends three race-developed polymers to maximize grip and warm-up quickly in the wet or the dry. Race-derived front tire profile promotes quicker turn-in and lighter steering while also contributing to a larger footprint at maximum lean angles.

Dunlop Qualifier II 120/60/17 - £CALL
Dunlop Qualifier II 120/70/17 - £CALL
Dunlop Qualifier II 160/60/17 - £CALL
Dunlop Qualifier II 180/55/17 - £CALL
Dunlop Qualifier II 190/50/17 - £CALL
Dunlop Qualifier II 190/55/17 - £CALL

Dunlop Sportsmart
The dynamic new Dunlop Sportsmart claims to offer race-quality grip, wet-road predictability and toruing mileage. This is made reality by utilising a multi-tread to provide high mileage and the confidence to push your bike on wet or dry roads, while Dunlop’s unique NTEC system lets you fine-tune the SportSmart’s inflation pressure for totally connected track day performance.

Dunlop Sportsmart 120/60/17 - £CALL
Dunlop Sportsmart 120/70/17 - £CALL
Dunlop Sportsmart 160/60/17 - £CALL
Dunlop Sportsmart 180/55/17 - £CALL
Dunlop Sportsmart 190/50/17 - £CALL
Dunlop Sportsmart 190/55/17 - £CALL

Dunlop Roadsmart
The Dunlop Roadsmart is a dual compund tyre that balances long life with good grip, and offers a unique tread pattern to genuinelly maximise performance in the wet. A great all-round performer, the Dunlop Roadsmart won the MCN Tyre of the Year award in 2008.

Dunlop Roadsmart 110/70/17 - £CALL
Dunlop Roadsmart 120/60/17 - £CALL
Dunlop Roadsmart 120/70/17 - £CALL
Dunlop Roadsmart 150/70/17 - £CALL
Dunlop Roadsmart 160/60/17 - £CALL
Dunlop Roadsmart 170/60/17 - £CALL
Dunlop Roadsmart 180/55/17 - £CALL
Dunlop Roadsmart 190/50/17 - £CALL
Dunlop Roadsmart 190/55/17 - £CALL

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Dunlop Qualifier II
Dunlop Sportsmart
Dunlop Roadsmart

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